New details of an ambitious project from Ubisoft

A few days ago it became known that Ubisoft was developing a new game in the "battle royale" genre. Yesterday, the company shared details about the upcoming game and released the first gameplay trailer. From it we learned the features of the project.

Hyper Scape - a royal battle designed for 100 players. In addition to the classic genre mechanics, such as the selection of equipment and killing enemies, the game has several features:

  1. First person shooter

Shooting in the game is from the first person, as is done in Apex Legends and Overwatch. Whether players will be able to change the appearance is unknown.

  1. Unique heroes

In the game, each character has unique abilities, which again sends us to Overwatch and Apex Legends. Whether the game will focus on the lore and the stories of these characters is still unknown.

  1. Emphasis on the “verticality” of the world

The most interesting feature is the verticality of the game world. In the trailer, we can observe this feature in practice. While it looks pretty interesting, but to fully understand these game aspects you need to try them yourself.

The release of the project is scheduled for July 12. Very soon, the game should appear in early access, so that everyone can try out the new product from Ubisoft.