Square Enix is preparing large announcements

Announcements continue. On this glad we were pleased with the developers from Square Enix. The Japanese giant is preparing for the announcement of new projects in the summer of 2020.

The company developing such legendary titles as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Deus X will show their new developments in July and August. This was announced by the Japanese company at the June meeting of shareholders of the company.

In connection with the current situation in the world and the postponement of the E3 exhibition, the company is looking for other opportunities for the announcement of its projects. We will probably see them at the Microsoft presentation in July and at the Gamescom Open Night, which will be held on August 27. What exactly will be shown is unknown, but there are already rumors on the net.

Square Enix fans are eagerly awaiting the end of the Deus Ex trilogy and continuing the remake of the successful Final Fantasy VII. Players are also hoping to get a new IP from a Japanese company. The latter is quite real. In June, rumors appeared on the network that Microsoft was preparing a “boom” of announcements this summer, including a completely new IP. It may be a project from Square Enix. In any case, we are waiting for the upcoming Microsoft presentation and the Gamescom 2020 online conference.