Ubisoft is preparing for the announcement of a new game in the "unusual" genre

Ubisoft, the European gaming giant, is gearing up to announce a new game. The most interesting is the genre of the game.

The new game will be called Hyper Scape. Events will unfold in the near future. So far, nothing is known about the gameplay and plot, but we know the genre of the new project. Hyper Scape is a battle royale with deep integration into Twitch.

According to insiders during the broadcasts of the new discipline, viewers will be able to indirectly influence events in the game. The implementation of this technology will help develop interactivity and help attract new users on Twitch.

According to leaked data, it is known that the announcement should take place on July 2. An early access beta test should start on the same day. The release of the game is scheduled for July 12. We learn more detailed information after the official announcement.

Hyper Scape is a pretty risky project. The genre of royal battles is clearly going through hard times in terms of e-sports. Perhaps Ubisoft wants to take advantage of this and seize a leading position in the battle royale market. One way or another, we will know this very soon.