AMD became leaders in the Asian processor market

The Wccftech portal reported that in Japan, AMD were able to double in two times from its direct competitor Intel. Representatives of the first side captured 67% of the entire market, while Intel's share was reduced to 33%. Compared to what it was 3 years ago, the situation was fundamentally changed. Previously, AMD could not compete with Intel and only 16% of PC users chose them, while the remaining 84% preferred Intel.

In South Korea, the situation was also turned in favor of AMD. Now the share of this manufacturer of processors in Korea is 60%.

Statistics show only what is happening on the desktop PC market. The situation in notebooks is a completely different situation, however, there are noticeable improvements for AMD - the market share since the beginning of 2020 has been increased from 17% to 22%. Analysts say that by the end of the third quarter after the release of the mobile version of Ryzen 4000 AMD will be able to capture 25-30% of the market. These same experts say that AMD’s secret to success lies in its excellent price-performance ratio, which Intel cannot offer. Previously, users made their choice in favor of Intel, despite the high price, due to high performance, but now processors from AMD in the middle price category, which is considered the most popular, can not only compete with the power of "flints" from Intel, but also ahead them.