The Last of Us Part II was the most successful release in Russia in the history of the PlayStation

The company M.Video-Eldorado conducted an analysis of the game market and reported that the recently released game from Naughty Dog set all records in the Russian market in retail stores. All data speaks only about how physical copies of games were sold in stores and may vary with global results worldwide. However, in the UK, for example, the figures are approximately the same. In the data below, the circulation for the period from June 19-22 was calculated.

The Last of Us Part II became more successful than GTA V, with a double distance ahead of the previous leader, Death Stranding. Compared with the first part of The Last of Us, the released game set a sevenfold record.

In addition, M.Video Eldorado said that the PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming platform in Russia when it comes to retail stores. In the first five months of this year, sales of games on the PS4 exceeded the bar by three quarters of the entire Russian market, and the most popular games were FIFA 20, GTA v, UFC 3, God of War and Minecraft.