24 March in eSports world

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In 2010, the patch 6.67b for Dota 2 was released. Several tiny bugs were fixed with it.


Today these representatives of eSports are celebrating their birthdays:

Christian «Spitfire» Schiölde — player of Denial eSports (27 y.o., CS:GO)
Carlos «Tio» Swing — player of Andes eSports (23 y.o., CS:GO)
Brennon «Bren» Hook — commentator (22 года, Overwatch)
Yang «Luffy» Seong-hyeon — player of Team KongDoo Panthera (20 y.o., Overwatch)
Dante «Danteh» Cruz — player of San Francisco Shock (19 y.o., Overwatch)