20 March in eSports world

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Tournaments and victories

13 years ago in Seoul, the high-scale CS:GO championship World e-Sports Games 2005 ended up. The prize pool of the tournament consisted of $95,000. The Norwegian collective became the champion and gained the money reward of $50,000.

In 2011, another one CS:GO tournament ended up. The prize pool of Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 was $10,000. Natus Vincere became the champions of the event and got the main money reward of $5,000.

On that day in 2016, the Dota 2 championship Dota Pit League Season 4 with the prize pool of $195,274 ended up. MVP.Phoenix became the winners and gained the main money reward of $97,637.

In 2016, the CS:GO tournament iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational 2016 was over, and Cloud9 won there and got the main money reward of $10,000.


On this day three patches for Dota 2 were released. One of them was released in 2007 году (6,43b), the second in 2009 (6,59d), and the third one in 2012 (6,74b).


Today these esportsmen are celebrating their birthdays:

John «BLU» Mullen — commentator, analyst CS:GO (23 y.o.)
Benjamin «waneG» Taquet — player of against All authority (CS:GO, 21 y.o.)
Eros «Sins» Rodriguez — player of Team Forge (Overwatch, 22 y.o.)

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