Respawn Entertainmen revealed the abilities of the new heroine of Apex Legends

There are 3 days left until the start of the eleventh season of Apex Legends. The Escape will begin on November 2, and before that, Respawn decided to introduce Apex Legends players to the abilities of Ash, a simulacrum from Titanfall 2, which will become the next playable character.

Ash's tactical skill allows her to throw a spinning trap that immobilizes enemies and deals damage over time. This skill was inspired by Ronin, the titan Ash in Titanfall 2.

Passive skill Ash is associated with death boxes that remain after killing enemies. Ash sees boxes on the map, and when interacting with them, he sees where the enemies are at that moment.

The special skill of the simulacrum is similar to that of Wraith. The heroine opens a portal in the direction of the target, which allows you to quickly close the distance with the enemy, both Ash herself and her allies.