Tekken 7 left without anti-piracy protection

SteamDB announced the removal of Denuvo anti-piracy protection in the game Tekken 7. What caused this decision is not known for certain - the developers did not make any announcement regarding this event. It is possible that Denuvo was removed simply due to the expiration of the anti-piracy protection license for one of the most popular fighting games. The option to improve performance by removing DRM protection seems questionable, since Tekken 7 has been well optimized for PCs.

Tekken 7 recently received a new patch, in which some customization elements were added, the game balance was once again changed, and some bugs were fixed.

Previously, practice has repeatedly shown that an anti-piracy system can disrupt the operation of the game and significantly degrade performance. Amplitude recently released a turn-based strategy game called Humankind, which was not equipped with anti-piracy software. During the beta stage, the developers saw that the integration of anti-pirate protection had degraded the performance of the game, and decided not to add DRM to their title. Recent successful examples of anti-piracy software removal include Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Fans of games about Lara Croft, after removing Denuvo, were able to enjoy the titles to the fullest, since they received an increase in the form of an additional 30 frames per second.

One of the biggest failures in the history of anti-piracy software integration is the case with the release of Assassin's Creed II. The game turned out to be a masterpiece and legendary, but at the start it was simply impossible to play due to the Denuvo system. In the title from Ubisoft, users had to have a permanently connected Internet, which in 2009 was not available to all users. In addition, the existing connection could lose contact with the servers, and therefore the players had to restore the save or play from the last checkpoint many times. Some of the players even decided not to play the licensed version and downloaded the pirated