Intel's flagship graphics card could cost $ 825

The newest product in the Intel Arc series graphics cards can go up to $ 825. The editors of the Tom's Hardware portal came to such interesting conclusions, which carefully studied the conditions of the competition with a drawing from Intel.

Intel recently announced a competition to give away 100 Premium kits and 200 Performance kits. The cost of the former will be $ 900, while the latter were priced at $ 700. In addition to the descriptive cards themselves, the set will include Xbox Game Pass subscriptions for three months or six months depending on the prize, as well as other branded unnamed products.

According to Tom's Hardware, subtracting the cost of the bonuses to the graphics card would result in a higher-performance graphics card being priced at approximately $ 825, while a lower-performing card would likely be priced at $ 650. In retail stores, Intel Arc may have a price tag of 2 or even 3 times the standard price, as is the case with graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD. Intel Arc should go on sale in 2022.

Internet users are already joking about the fact that Tom's Hardware most likely simply forgot to add one number at the beginning and the real cost of the card will be listed as $ 1,825 or maybe even $ 2,825. Do not forget that today many crypto enthusiasts continue to buy video cards for mining cryptocurrencies. Today, mining cryptocurrency through the power of video cards is one of the favorite methods of crypto enthusiasts to make money.