In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Payday series, the developers talked about the upcoming third part

This year, the Payday series celebrates an anniversary - the first time players felt like a bank robber in 2011. In honor of this landmark event, Starbreeze and Overkill told fans what to expect from Payday 3.

The actions of the third part of Payday will unfold in a large and lively New York. The adventures of players will be closely watched by the media and this will clearly affect the gameplay.

After the events of Payday 2, several years have passed and the main characters of the second part retired, but not for long. The world is developing rapidly and straightforward robberies have been replaced by manipulations on the network, the Dark Web and other "delights" of the digital age.

Payday 3 is scheduled to be released no earlier than 2023. The game will be published by Prime Matter, a division of Koch Media, and the budget for the triquel will be over $ 50 million.