Steam Deck Compatibility Viewer Coming to Steam

Valve recently showed a video about the Steam Game Compatibility Indicator for the Steam Deck. While they said that the Steam Deck will support games in the Steam library, as expected, it will not be the case for all titles. Some of the games may require additional configuration before running on a portable device. In addition, Valve announced some of the requirements that games will have to meet in order to appear on the Steam Deck.

In order to be fully compatible with the Steam Deck, the game must have full controller support and use the appropriate icons for that controller itself. In addition, titles should allow the portable device to invoke an on-screen keyboard as needed.

The game that developers want to see in the future on Steam Deck devices must support a resolution of 1280x800 or 1280x720. Valve is asking for easy-to-read text on screen and the default settings for the aforementioned resolutions.

If the games will use the Proton system, which allows Windows games to run on Linux, then all components and middleware must support Proton. If the game has anti-cheats, then they must be compatible with Proton.

There should be an additional tab on the Steam store that will contain the games that fit the Steam Deck best. Now, before purchasing each game, users will be able to familiarize themselves with the details of the title's compatibility with the Steam Deck.

In mid-July, a handheld console from Valve was announced. Gabe Newell said he wants to change the gaming market with the release of this device. Based on the scale of development, Valve may be able to achieve Director Newell's intended goals. The Steam Deck will be distributed in various bundles, the cost of which will range between $ 399 and $ 649. Different versions of the Steam Deck will contain different amounts of memory.