Rumor: Fortnite Creators May Crossover With "Dune"

Dataminer, known by the nickname HYPEX, has published some interesting information regarding Fortnite from Epic Games. According to his information obtained in the title files, new skins and various cosmetic items may appear in the game, which will refer to the film "Dune" from director Denis Villeneuve. Epic Games has not yet made any announcements regarding any crossovers, but the images found by the dataminer seem quite real to themselves and new skins may indeed appear in the game.

Players should have the opportunity to try on the costumes of Paul Atreides and Chani. The roles of the latter in the film were played by Timothy Chalamet and Zenday. In addition to costumes, new pickaxes, hang-gliders and decorations for the back should appear in the game, and, in addition to skins, users will receive new loading screens and emotions.

Epic Games recently released a teaser showcasing two new heroes set to appear in Fortnite. One of them will be the crazy Bruce Wayne from the alternate DC Universe. This Batman took on the traits of both the classic Gotham hero and his main enemy, the Joker.