FIFA 22 devs remove Benjamin Mendy from the game

Manchester City's French defender Benjamin Mendy was taken into custody in late August on charges of four cases of rape and sexual harassment. Fans began to express their indignation en masse towards EA Sports, who decided, nevertheless, to add a footballer to FIFA 22.

The developers of FIFA 22 have removed the player from the English team in single player mode, but no corresponding announcement has been made regarding this event. Fifa Ultimate Team is the only mode in which Benjamin Mendy is left.

Benjamin Mendy was sued for sexual harassment and rape against the Manchester City defender between October last year and August 2021. After Mendy was taken into custody, the latter's lawyers demanded that Benjamin be released on bail. The court denied the lawyers' request and said that the French footballer would be under arrest at least until the next court hearing. It should take place on January 24, 2022.