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ASUS invests $16,000,000 into the Chinese eSports
Lord Matus2018-01-17T16:29:06.291Z
The Taiwanese company that develops and sells electronics has announced that will invest money in the Chinese eSports organization.
The MTS mobile operator bought Gambit eSports
The sum of the deal is not published.
Team Liquid enters Rainbow Six: Siege
Lord Matus2018-01-15T21:59:55.927Z
The North American organization has announced the opening of a Rainbow Six: Siege branch.
Vega Squadron opened a FIFA branch
Michael «Torres» Zaporozhets will represent interests of the organization.
ZeroGravity is not the owner of ESforce Holding anymore
Alexander Kokhanovsky will promote his own projects.
The 2017 results in the world eSports
390 tournaments were hosted in 43 disciplines in 2017.
The government will try to separate the eSports from gambling games and bets.
The team won Paladins World Championship 2018.
K1llsen joined the ranks of the German organization.
Organizers of the international championship in various disciplines have published a new information about the LAN final in the APAC region.


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