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Fastest teams in
Previous week, players from all over the world put all the efforts to fight with Omegaswarm in a new Escape from Braxis (Heroic) brawl.
Sales: weekly collection: December 13–19, 2017
Sales: weekly collection: December 13–19, 2017
Heroes League restart
A new season of heroes league started yesterday, but the players have already started to complaint on the bad pick and discharging of their mmr.
The winners of The Games Awards 2017
The best games award ceremony ended a few hours ago.
Philadelphia Fusion will not be able to take part in the December preseason matches of The Overwatch League
The organization has informed about this on its Twitter:
The New Year skins in Heroes of the Storm
A big patch will be launched on December 14, it will have a lot of changes and also lots of new skins will be added to the game.
The heroes brawl of the week “Escape from Braxis” had been added the previous week and the information about who had passed it faster than anyone has appeared.
Artanis always suits as the 2nd tank, however, it is very difficult for him to tank.
Genji the killer, which can move very quickly and far through the map.
Heroic brawl Escape from Braxis is available again in a more complicated mode!
A new update has been released, where all heals were nurfed, Sgt. Hammer was reworked and bug fixes added.


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