Unicorns of Love announced the roster for participating in LCL

Unicorns of Love.CIS is now represented by such esportsmen as Edward ‘Edward’ Abgaryan, Nihat ‘Innaxe’ Aliev, Valdislav ‘BOSS’ Fomin, Lev ‘Nomanz’ Yakshin, and Kirill ‘AHaHaCiK’ Skvortsov. The coach of the team is Dmitrii ‘Invi’ Protasov. We should mark the fact that the last four players used to represent the colors of Vega Squadron since 1 January 2019.

The information about Unicorns of Love's decision to found a League of Legends Continental League division appeared on 17 May on the Turkish esports portal Esporin. Their representatives told that Unicorns of Love intended to buy a Team Just's slot and to assemble a roster together with one of the most famous players in the CIS, Edward.

In November last year Edward Abgaryan decided to try himself as a coach and as a result he joined Rogue as a mentor. In the end, Rogue took the tenth place out of ten possible ones when Edward left the organization to return to gaming. Before his decision to become a coach of Rogue, Edward won three splits in a row together with the other players of Gambit Esports: LCL Summer 2017, LCL Spring 2018 and LCL Summer 2018. Edward Abgaryan earned ~$120,000 in eight years of his professional career.

Another esportsman joining the new roster of Unicorns of Love and not playing for Vega Squadron, Innaxe became a professional LoL player in 2016. He represented such teams as HWA Gaming, exceL Esports, Splyce etc. His career brought him only ~$2,100, so this team may become a good start for successful performances for Nihat Aliev.

BOSS, AHaHaCiK and Nomanz won the spring split of League of Legends Continental League 2019 as Vega Squadron players and got to Mid-Season Invitational 2019. There they were not able to win the group stage and as a result they stopped one step away from getting to the playoff. In the tournament bracket, they took the seventh position getting a reward of $25,000.

Unicorns Of Love.CIS roster:

Vladislav ‘BOSS’ Fomin
Kirill ‘AHaHaCiK’ Skvortsov
Lev ‘Nomanz’ Yakshin
Nihat ‘Innaxe’ Aliev
Edward ‘Edward’ Abgaryan