Mid-Season Invitational 2021: Unicorns of Love Retired

MSI 2021 group stage matches are smoothly coming to an end. The first three teams from Group A have already finished their performance in the group stage.

Following the results of 9 rounds, Royal Never Give Up went to the next stage, having won back the group with a score of 8-0 and Pentanet.GG, who had won back the group with a score of 2-6. Unicorns of Love, having statistics of 2-6, failed to beat Pentenet.GG in the tiebreak and were the first to leave the championship, taking 7-9 place.

RNG and Pentenet.GG take place in the Rumble Stage and are already guaranteed to take at least 5-6th place. We will recognize the rest of the participants in the second stage of MSI 2021 after the end of the bouts in quartets B and C.


Mid-Season Invitational 2021 started on May 6 and will end on the 23rd. The total prize pool of the major League of Legends championship will be $ 250,000.