RED Canids and paiN Gaming advance to the semi-finals of the CBLOL Split 2021 playoffs

In the Brazilian region of the competitive League of Legends, the first round of the playoffs has ended. Based on the results of the debut matches, CBLOL Split 1 2021 left LOUD and KaBuM! e-Sports.

Results of the first round of the playoff matches CBLOL Split 1 2021

LOUD and KaBuM! e-Sports finished in 5th-6th place and earned R $ 12,500 each. In addition to this, the teams will retain their place in the Brazilian top division for the next season.

In turn, RED Canids and paiN Gaming continue to fight for a ticket to MSI 2021. PaiN Gaming has a fight against Flamengo Esports ahead, and RED Canids will play with Vorax.

The main stage matches of CBLOL Split 1 2021 will continue on April 3. We continue to monitor the outcome in the Brazilian region and support the beautiful League of Legends.