European Masters Summer 2020: group stage results

Such teams as Vodafone Giants, Team GamerLegion, LDLC OL, GamersOrigin, AGO ROGUE, Misfits Premier, mousesports and K1ck Esports Club were able to reach the final stage.

Teams that finished 9th-12th in the group stage received rewards of € 4,000, while teams ranked 13-16th in the standings received € 2,500 each.

The playoffs will take place on September 15-20.


European Masters Summer 2020 runs from August 17 to September 20. It is attended by 16 teams that share a total prize pool of € 150,000. The winner will earn € 40,000 and the runner-up € 25,000. Teams that take 3-4 places will receive € 13,500, and each of the participants located in 5-8 positions will receive a cash reward of € 8,000.