Match Prediction: OG - Into the Breach | Dota 2

The second regular season week of the 2023 DPC Winter Tour: WEU Upper Division is quickly coming to an end. We got to the last game day.

The honor to open the final matchday fell to OG and Into The Breach. Both teams have ambitions for a winter tour.

For OG, the match against ITB could be an entry point into the TOP-4. The team has 2-1 statistics and so far shares the fourth line with Entity (2-2).

At ITB, the opportunity to fence off from the relegation zone is at stake. The team settled on the 6th line of the table with a score of 1-3 and, if successful in the match, will significantly improve their performance, in fact, avoiding a theoretical relegation from the first division.

We are trying to figure out which of the teams will be stronger and achieve their goals in a particular b3 match.

Form OG

Let's start the analysis with the game form of OG. In this match, the champions of ESL One Stockholm will act as a favorite.

Bookmakers definitely believe in the success of OG. The victory of the title club is estimated by a coefficient in the region of 1.2.

This season, OG are showing a good game, despite the drastic changes in the playstyle. However, I would not put forward OG in this match as an unconditional winner: there is still marriage in the game.

Roster OG

The arrival of OG DM cheered up the team. Not so much in the game plan, but in the strategic one.

OG Players

  • Yuragi
  • bzm
  • DM
  • Taiga
  • Misha

DM replaced ATF in third position. The latter was the powerhouse of OG, although there were some difficulties through this.

Ammar played his own DotA and was too independent. DM corrected the situation a bit and now OG looks more harmonious.

OG Performance

Last season, the surviving backbone of OG managed to prove itself both in the regional league and beyond. OG took TOP-4 at DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division 1, 3rd at DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Regional Final.

In the second round, Misha's team won the DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division 1, after which they played at ESL One Stockholm, the first major of OG's new look.

In Sweden, the young generation of the club of the two-time world champion showed the pinnacle of playing skills, taking the TOP-1. After that, the performance dropped a little.

The team took TOP-3 at DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 3: DIvision 1, Riyadh Masters 2022, 4th place at PGL Arlington Major 2022 season 2, and then won ESL One Malaysia.

OG went to The International 2022 as the first team in Europe, but they turned out to be almost the last. The team reached the TOP-8, which was a good result. However, Puppey has it better.

In the new season, OG made their debut in a match against the reigning world champions. Tundra, thanks to their playstyle and all sorts of DKs and Beastmasters, outplayed OG quite easily with a score of 2-0.

On the next tour, OG met Team Secret. The last ones this season are desperately bad, which logically led to the failure of Puppey and the score 0-2 against OG.

Then OG played against Gaimin Gladiators. Contrary to expectations, OG turned out to be stronger than Gladiators (2-0), who are looking pretty good this season.

Heroes OG

Most played characters: Razor (9 matches, 44% wins), Oracle (8 matches, 62% wins), Timbersaw (8 matches, 25% wins), Snapfire (4 matches, 50% wins), Jakiro (3 matches), 100% wins).

Heroes like Mars and Slardar, which were used by ATF, are becoming less and less common. The emphasis is on the more altruistic third position characters.

Form Into The Breach

We continue the review with an analysis of the game form of Into The Breach. They play the role of second violin in this match.

Moreover, bookmakers have no faith in Into The Breach. They agree that there are very few chances - the odds for winning are around 4.

The sad thing is that there is no way to dispute the status of Into The Breach here. But you can doubt the assessment from the bookmakers - as for me, too high a figure.

Line-up Into The Breach

I will not get tired of talking about the prospects of the Into The Breach roster. It's not just about personal sympathy, but about objective indicators.

Players Into The Breach

  • Otaker
  • Supream^
  • xibbe
  • Immersion
  • Kidaro

By objective indicators, I mean the performance of the team. Although the team is sitting on the 6th line, it cannot be said that they do not deserve a higher place.

ITB Performance

Into The Breach can be described as a "working" team. They sweated all last season to get into the first division.

We started last season from 6th place in the DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division II, which almost put an end to the team's performance in the DPC ecosystem. Then there were performances at local events, including the TOP-17 at D2CL Season 7.

In April, DPC WE 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division II took place, where ITB took 5th place, after which they signed the current roster, in almost identical form, with the exception of the fourth position player.

In July, the team played at DPC WEU 2021/2022 Tour 3: Division II. The updated roster immediately flew into the TOP-2, which allowed them to be here at DPC 2023.

Before the start of the rating league, ITB played qualifiers for ESL and The International, as well as a couple of local tournaments (TOP-2 1x Series, TOP-3 Last-Last Chance). Qualifiers for the main championship of the year ended for ITB in fourth place.

In the first game of DPC 2023, they played against Entity. The series ended with a score of 0-2, but ITB struggled on the second map.

In the second game of the season, against Team Secret, Into The Breach didn't just struggle. They took out Nigma Galaxy with a score of 2-0, and they, in turn, took the card from Tundra Esports.

Then the Tundra became ITB's rivals. In an absolutely negative matchup, the team managed to win one map against the champions of The International, but they did not reach the full-fledged series.

The fourth opponent of ITB was Team Liquid. “Liquid” uncompromising in the winter round, and therefore there was no talk of ITB winning at least on one map.

Heroes Into The Breach

Into The Breach's favorite character in patch 7.32 is the meta Crystal Maiden. The character has peaked 26 times and has a win rate of around 61%.

In addition to CM, Tiny (19 matches, 52% wins), Enigma (13 matches, 53% wins), Pangolier (10 games, 60% wins), Pudge (9 matches, 77% wins),

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play in official matches. The match within the DPC WEU Upper Division will be the first face-to-face battle between the teams.

Match outcome

I believe in OG's victory in this match, although they will heat up for Into The Breach. I like them this season, and judging by the performance, they clearly know how to play.

It makes sense to take +1.5 on Into The Breach. The team took the map from Tundra, defeated Nigma Galaxy. They can fight - a fact.

Result: +1.5 to Into The Breach.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in OG victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.17. According to bookmakers data, Into the Breach are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 6.303.

Team statistics in recent matches

Last MatchesOG Into the Breach
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)37

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The competitors have held 0 matches. In these battles OG got 0 victories while Into the Breach managed to take 0 matches.