Match Prediction: Team Secret - Entity | Dota 2

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DPC 2023: WEU Division 1 continues and for the third round we have a betting tip on Team Secret vs Entity. An underdog clash at last!

Both teams are in a very poor position. Both teams are close to relegation from the first division and therefore they need to pick up the pace now, that means picking up the games.

The situation looks particularly dire for Secret. Team Puppey are on the brink of relegation, and a defeat in this game would effectively mean a return to League Two, and I'd hate to see them go back to League Two.

The Entity, for their part, aren't exactly shining this season either, so a head-to-head clash will decide a lot. Let's see who'll be stronger in this clash and pick up some vital points.

Let's go.

Team Secret formation

Let's open the showdown with an analysis of Team Secret's form. In this match, they will play as favourites, as indicated by the bookmakers.

The odds for a Secret win against Entity are at 1.75. Arguably, we have a unique case.

Unique because Secret are somehow far from being favourites in just about any Division One match in the 2023 season. Yes, to believe in their superiority over second division teams, but in the top flight it's a surprise. And all because of the degradation of Secret.

It started after the final of The International 2022, where Secret lost to Tundra. It would seem that after such a successful season and a successful performance in the main tournament of the year, Secret should have been a formidable force in Europe, but the departure of Nisha made a difference.

However, in the first DPC round, Secret went straight to the second division. They stayed there for a season, changed the roster and finally returned to the big leagues, but there are nuances.

  • The roster of Team Secret: Crystallis, Armel, BOOM, yamich, Puppey .

That's what the roster looks like and to be honest, it doesn't look trustworthy. Definitely not for the first division, which is directly indicated by Secret's performance.

In the third round, DPC Secret play 1-3. Puppey has a win over D1 Hustlers, while losing to GG, Team Liquid and OG.

The situation is critical, they need to fix it. But whether they can - that's the question.

The most popular Secret heroes

Among the most popular Secret heroes are Mirana, Tusk and Primal Beast. All of them have 6 games and 83% of wins.

In addition Monkey King and Ember Spirit appeared in spades (5 games and 100% wins each). Death Prophet also played 5 matches, however she won 4 matches.

Also took Jakiro (3 matches, 100% wins), Enchantress (3 matches, 100% wins). Abaddon (2 matches, 66% wins), Broodmother (2 matches, 100% wins).

Team Secret isn't completely lost, they can take and take, but they're always missing something. However, in the last match against D1 Hustlers there were glimmers of hope, and therefore I have a feeling that it might work out here too.

Form Entity

Continuing the parsing of the match with an analysis of Entity's form. In this match, they will be playing in underdog status.

Entity's underdogs are being pointed out by the bookies. The odds of them winning are estimated at around 2, which is very strange.

Firstly - Entity have a lot more experience playing in the top division. It may not be the best, but it is there.

In the first round of DPC 2023: WEU Division 1 Entity finished in the top 4 after replay, giving them a chance to attend their first Major tournament of the season. At The Lima Major 2023, they finished in the top 6, something current Secret can only dream of.

In the second round of DPC 2023: WEU Division 1 Entity were already in the top-6, not surprising with their performance. Before Long Songpeg of the third cycle, Entity attended DreamLeague Season 19, but, restricted themselves to the role of spectator, essentially. At the $1,000,000 tournament, Entity did not make it out of the first group stage, finishing in the top 16.

  • Entity's lineup: dyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri.

In the third round of DPC 2023 WEU Division 1, the team is going their own way. So far, the team is 1-3 and seems to have no chance of qualifying for the IO Bali Major 2023, the last chance to qualify for The International 2023.

Entity, by the way, beat Liquid but lost to Tundra, Quest, Gaimin Gladiators.

Entity's most popular heroes

Entity took Mirana (5 games, 20% wins), Pangolier (3 games, 33% wins), Rubick (3 games, 33% wins), Bane (2 games 50% wins).

Dark Seer, Pugna, Storm Spirit and Anti-Mage also appeared in spades. All were picked twice, but none won even once.

Entity are as similar to Secret as possible this season. However, in their justification, let's note that Entity have a very difficult schedule and easier teams are coming up next. They have a chance to stay in the top division, and with some luck they can even break into the top 4.

Entity - Secret head-to-head history

The last time the teams played each other was in the first division of Western Europe. Entity claimed a 2-1 win.

Match result

The most obvious choice for a bet in this match will be a total of +2.5. Both teams look almost identical and play in a similar way: unorganized, timid and with a huge number of mistakes.

Bottom line: +2.5.

Entity are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 1.637. Team Secret, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 3.801.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesTeam Secret Entity
5 matches (wins)31
10 matches (wins)64

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The competitors have held 8 matches. And Team Secret won 2 times while Entity correspondingly became the winner 5 times.