Match Prediction: - One Move | Dota 2

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The new week of DPC 2023 in Eastern Europe begins, and we've made a betting tip on the - One Move match. We expect a very bracing or at least equal Dota 2.

The teams are such that a Battle of the Ancients extravaganza is likely to await us. But what shades it will have is not entirely clear.

Both teams are in the middle of the standings, but claim to be in the TOP. However, they'll have to try hard and it's worth starting now.

Let's try to see who will be stronger in this match and get an undoubtedly important victory ahead of the draw for the three slots in the IO Bali Major 2023. See if we can get someone off the list of Team Spirit, 9Pandas, BB Team.

Let's begin. form.

We open the showdown with an analysis of's form. In this match they are seen as the favourite of the meeting.

Bookmakers are giving odds of around 1.6 for Vp to win. For the modern VP squad this is quite an indicator, especially when they are played against a slightly more well-played team than they are frankly said to be.

All because stability is crying out for Vp this season. After wagering last DPC, the team has sunk into a succession of changes, which has led to a deterioration in performance.

Frankly, there is none. All Vp do is play DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 and you can't call their game outstanding. There, by the way, you can scold the current tournament system, which has degraded so much that the regional league now resembles the hell out of it.

Vp was ranked 4th in the first season of the DPC. They played an amorphous season, but not that bad.

The second season of DPC 2023: EEU Division 1 ended the same way. The team was ranked 4th again and was one step away from qualifying for the Berlin Major 2023, but a very big step.

  • Composition of Vp: Kiritych, squad1x, Noticed, sayuw, Fng.

Vp's stats are 1-2 until the Long Sogpeg match. By the way, is in the relegation zone, so here we need to pick up points. Again, it's not easy. Especially in the match against One Move.

Most popular characters

Disruptor remains's most chosen character (9 matches, 55% win rate). Undying is right behind Thunderer (8 games, 50% win rate).

Also VP picks Shadow Fiend (4 matches, 75% wins), Silencer (4 matches, 50% wins), Lina (4 matches, 50% wins).

Vp seems to have no problem with strategies, spades and that sort of thing. However, they seem to have some sort of pattern judging by which, after losing on the lines they just stink afk.

Form One Move

Continuing with our match-by-match analysis of One Move's playing form. In this match, they'll play number two.

However, the lead here is symbolic. Bookmakers give odds on the victory of One Move in the region of 2.1.

The gap is minimal, and it is only due to the status of Vp as a team with a great past. Now Vp are similar to One Move, which is hinted at by the performance of the teams in recent tournaments.

Thus, One Move, like are constantly in the middle of the standings. But there is always something missing.

In the first DPC round One Move finished in the top 5. They were 2-5 at the time, but to be fair, they looked decent in a few games.

In the second round of DPC 2023: EEU Division 1, the team improved slightly, closing the league 3-4. However, that still made it 5 ppl, so it didn't count.

There were also games at local events like Games of Future, where Keyd Stars won the grand final, and Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes #1, where it was slightly worse. So much so that they took the top 16.

  • One Move line-up: Munkishi~, Ainkrad, AfterLife, Gilgir, pantomem.

The advantage of One Move was, and still is, a stable roster. The team is one of the few of this calibre who managed to keep their line-up in spite of their not very successful performance in several events at once.

However, that didn't always help. In the third round, for example, it doesn't always help. Before the Long Song tournament the team is 2-3 with losses from 9Pandas, BB Team, and, surprisingly, Nemiga Gaming.

The most popular One Move heroes

The most preferred One Move hero from the previous season was Tiny (31 matches, 54% wins). Next are Pangolier (19 games, 57% wins), Mirana (19 games, 52% wins), Rubick (19 games, 47% wins).

One Move also had Tusk (17 matches, 52% wins), Timbersaw (16 matches, 56% wins), Ember Spirit (15 matches, 60% wins) in spades.

After the defeat by Nemiga, they could have seriously slipped in morale. However, this squad stays this long to get through tough periods as a team.

History of head-to-head games

The teams have played each other twice. Vp won the first season 2-0 and the second 2-1.

Match outcome

In this encounter, I expect a roughly close game. Either side could win, no exaggeration.

Since both clubs play a very chaotic game, I see the most obvious bet as total +2.5. This will be my choice.

Bottom line: +2.5.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.381. According to bookmakers data, One Move are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 4.759.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last One Move
5 matches (wins)32
10 matches (wins)64

It will also be necessary to mention the history of face-to-face meetings between the opponents. The teams played 2 matches with each other before. In these battles got 2 victories while One Move managed to take 0 matches.