Spartak eSports signed a Dota 2 roster

The eSports branch of the football club “Spartak” Moscow signed a Dota 2 roster, it includes two ex-representatives of ХАКОНCHE and Cyber Anji. The last slot was received by 633, who previously used to represent the interests of Team Spirit.

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The closed qualifiers to SL i-League Invitational Season 3 will be the first tournament for Spartak eSports, where they have received a slot, having replaced XAKOHCHE due to a decision of organizers. It is worth to notice that each new player of Spartak had taken part in the qualifiers to The International, however, has not passed the CIS qualifiers.

The roster of Spartak eSports:

Stanislav «633» Glushan
Maxim «Yoky» Kim
Mihail «Misha» Agatov
Egor «Ark» Zhabotinskii
Evgeniy «Chuvash» Makarov