Results of the group stage of Dota 2 Asia Championships

Lord Matus

Results of the group stage of Dota 2 Asia Championships

Today the group stage of the Major tournament Dota 2 Asia Championships was over. Read more in our material.

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Review of the group stage

Group А

The peculiarity of the first group was similar results of all the collectives and tough battles at Tiebreakers. Five participants played at the main matches of the group stage by the statistics of 3-4. Keen Gaming showed the worst result and left the tournament, having gained 2 wins and 5 losses. The other seven participants were forced to play at the series Tiebreakers. It became a real surprise for all the viewers watching Dota 2 Asia Championships.

TnC Pro Team definitely deserve special attention. Before getting to Tiebreakers, TnC showed a pretty good game, but it wasn’t enough to avoid additional matches. At Tiebreakers, TnC Pro Team won at all 4 meetings and took the first place fairly, getting to the first round of the playoff stage of the Major tournament.

OG got all their fans and the rest of the viewers disappointed by their game. The European mix are obviously having hard times. After termination of collaboration with Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok, OG have no fifth player anymore. The coach of the team Sebastien «7ckingMad» Debs was playing instead of him. As it had been expected, the coach’s help as a player turned out to be not enough to get to the playoff or the series Breakout. At the additional matches, OG agained got a chance to make it to the playoff, but they couldn’t convert it and they lost at the game against Vici Gaming, becoming the next participant to leave Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018.

Unlike OG, LGD Gaming managed to keep out of such a destiny. The Titans of the Chinese Dota 2 stage as well as TnC Pro Team, left no chance to their opponents at Tiebreakers. They ended the series of the additional matches by the statistics of 3-1, having won over Team Liquid, Newbee and OpTic Gaming, but lost against TnC Pro Team at the last match . Nevertheless, LGD Gaming performed so well that the loss against TnC couldn’t separate the Chinese and the first round of the playoff stage.

The rest of the collectives are waiting for a difficult fight for getting to the playoff. The matches of Breakout will be held on 3 April in the Bo3 format.

Result of group А

1 place — TnC Pro Team — 4-3
2 place — LGD Gaming — 4-3
3 place — OpTic Gaming — 4-3
4 place — Team Liquid — 4-3
5 place — Newbee — 4-3
6 place — Vici Gaming — 3-4
7 place — OG — 3-4
8 place — Keen Gaming — 2-5

Group B

At the group stage, two collectives deserve to be emphasized: и Mineski. As for the latter, they managed to surprise their fans and the rest of the viewers who were watching the events at Dota 2 Asia Championships. Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, Evil Geniuses, paiN Gaming, VGJ.Thunder, Team Effect are the collectives who managed to withstand the roster where the best players of Southeast Asia play. who was a firm favourite to leave the group stage was a linchpin. The Russian team is in great shape at the moment. VP won at two Major tournaments in a row, having received the invitation to The International 8. Besides, 4 player from being members of Team Russia became the champions at WESG 2017 World Finals, where they gained $800,000 for the whole team. Taking this into account, a small quantity of people were surprised at the fact that had taken the first place in their group. Seven won matches out of seven possible ones are a great result and it deserves respect for sure.

Team Effect and paiN Gaming had less lack. Their loss at the group stage didn’t appear to be unexpected. Effect can’t square off with the grands of the world Dota at the moment. We also should remind that ex-player of OG Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok joined Effect during their participation in DAC 2018, but he had no time to achieve good teamwork. Absence of the permanent fifth player and weak playing form resulted in 7 place at the group stage. paiN Gaming performed at LAN final of WESG 2017 in a perfect way, but in several days they were to fail at DreamLeague Season 9. There, the Brazilian team got the last position and won $7,500 for the whole team. This result is unacceptable for the collective, who claim to get to the playoff of the Major tournament. Similar to Effect, paiN Gaming performed pretty bad and left the championship.

Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, VGJ.Thunder and Invictus Gaming performed at the moderate level. They managed to win over some opponents while with they couldn’t do the same with the other opponents. Due to the changeability of success, these collectives took the 3-6 position at Group B. Now they are obliged to play at Breakout matches of the playoff stage, which will be held in the Bo3 format.

Result of Group B

1 place — — 7-0
2 place — Mineski — 6-1
3 place — Evil Geniuses — 5-2
4 place — Team Secret — 4-3
5 place — Invictus Gaming — 3-4
6 place — VGJ.Thunder — 2-5
7 place — Team Effect — 1-6
8 place — paiN Gaming — 0-7

After completion of the group stage, all the details of seeding of the participants in the playoff stage are known. The bracket is the following:

Tournament table and prizes division:

Place Prize DPC Points Team
1st $370,000 750 TBD
2nd $135,000 450 TBD
3rd $105,000 225 TBD
4th $85,000 75 TBD
5th-6th $67,500 - TBD
7th-8th $35,000 - TBD
9th-12th $15,000 - TBD
13th-14th $10,000 - OG
Team Effect
15th-16th $10,000 - Keen Gaming
paiN Gaming

The final of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 will be held on 7 April. The championship began on 29 March and is taking place in Shanghai, China. The holding place is Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, and the prize pool of the Major tournament consists of $1,000,000 and 1,500 Dota Pro Circuit Points.

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