Madara: Hand of Midas is boring

Did you expect that support in Kiev that you had?
I expected support, but not like that much. It was more than I thought it would be. It is always a pleasure to have as much as we had.

Why did you leave Ad Finem? What happened?
There were some misses that I can’t tell, we thought that mousesports were a better option for us. So we will stay at mousesports until The International 7.

You got a direct invite to the major. Most of the community thinks that it was not deserved. What is your opinion?
Because we finished second on The Boston Major, we deserved it. But our results were not so good, so it`s normal that people think like that.

What happened with the team after The Boston Major?
We took a longer break than we should. It was two weeks and a half or something like that instead of one week. We had not practice that much.

Let`s talk about The Major. Did you like it?
Of course. It`s really cool. It`s sad that we lost in the first round, but everything is cool in general.

Do you like the format that was on The Kiev Major?
I think saying that we lost because its Single Elimination isn`t an excuse, so I’m not gonna say that.

What was the reason of the loss to VG.J?
We didn’t understand the meta and the stuff. We didn`t play as good as we could that is the reason.

What do you think about the meta on The Kiev Major with Hand of Midas?
I didn`t like the meta because a safe lane isn`t a safe lane anymore. Midas is fun for some heroes, but it’s getting boring because there are fewer fights now.

What are team’s plans for the near future?
We are gonna play qualifiers to EPICENTER, DreamLeague and DOTA Summit 7. So we wanna qualify for all that tournaments. We want to prove ourselves because we played bad on The Kiev Major.

Did you have a bootcamp before Kiev Major?
It was in Germany and it extended three weeks. It went not bad actually.

Will you have bootcamps before other tournaments?
On my opinion, a bootcamp is needed only for big tournaments such like Majors and TIs.

Even if you qualify on the other LAN?
We will gonna discuss it that time, I`m not sure.

Will you make some roster changes before or after TI?
No, no, no. We don`t even think about that. We just fix every problem that we have and go further. I can’t know the future, but to do roster changes something really important has to happen.