ESL announces $ 400,000 Dota 2 tournament

One of the largest tournament operators announced ESL One Summer 2021 with a prize pool of $ 400,000. 16 participants will start dividing the prize money between each other on June 16 and will complete this exciting process on the 20th. 11 teams will receive direct invitations from the organizers, while one team will be lucky to make it to the event through the closed qualifier.

How the money will be distributed is not yet known, but we have a couple of guesses regarding the method of distributing the prize money. ESL can go the classic way and give the winner 50% of the prize money, that is, $ 200,000, or they can repeat the events of last year's championship and award the winner with a prize of $ 150,000.

The previous unrated tournament in the ESL One series was ELS One Germany 2020 with a similar prize pool. The championship was held from October 5 to November 1, and the winners in the person of Team Liquid took a cash reward of $ 150,000, and NAVI, who became the silver medalists, earned $ 80,000.