Pinnacle Cup: HellRaisers, Chicken Fighters and EXTREMUM started their journey with a victory

The first day of the Pinnacle Cup has come to an end. In the first round, HellRaisers, Chicken Fighters and EXTREMUM defeated, PuckChamp and Unique, respectively.

The Pinnacle Cup is a championship with a prize pool of $ 100,000. Ten participants of the event started their journey in the group stage, where they play round-robin matches in the Bo3 format. The two best squads will advance to the upper bracket, while the teams that took 3-6 places will advance to the lower bracket. The rest of the participants will complete their path in the championship without reaching the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the teams will also fight in Bo3 matches, with the exception of the grand final. The decisive battle will take place in a format of up to three wins. As for the prize pool, $ 100,000 will be distributed among the teams as follows: