Last year's The International prize pool record has been broken!

Last year, TI9's prize pool was $ 34,330,068. This year, users were able to break the $ 34,330,500 bar. At the same players in Dota 2 thus we set a record not only of all the tournaments Dota 2, but also in the championships in eSports in general. Considering that there are still three weeks ahead for fundraising, the amount can increase significantly.

An interesting fact is that it took 110 days to collect $ 34,330,068 for The International 2019, and the record was broken in 92 days.

Exactly when and where The International 2020 will be held is currently unknown. Initially, Valve wanted to hold the championship from August 18 to 23, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament was postponed indefinitely. Valve assures that when they conduct an offline championship, they will do so in accordance with all sanitary standards and will take care of the safety of each spectator and player.