ArtStyle: "Playing the second number against PSG.LGD is generally hopeless"

The International 10 analyst and NAVI coach Ivan ArtStyle Antonov shared his thoughts on the PSG.LGD game at TI10.

ArtStyle notes that PSG.LGD is not so strong on the lanes lately, the team threw a lot of games in the group, because they took completely different heroes, did everything they wanted and won. At the 15th minute, PSG.LGD sees that the enemy is mistaken, winning the moment and winning the match.

ArtStyle says that the PSG.LGD team often broke the sides and they lost 20 thousand each, but still won. Vanya advised T1 to hook on the laning and snowball. ArtStyle called it unpromising to play number two against PSG.LGD.

At the time of this writing, T1 lost to PSG.LGD on the first map, now the second is being drafted. The game takes place within the upper bracket of The International 10 playoffs.