Match Prediction: Team Spirit - Astralis | CS:GO

Team Spirit and Astralis will play in the quarter-finals of the ESL Pro League Season 17 top group stage. And here's where it gets interesting, as we see two roughly evenly matched teams, albeit with a slight edge in favour of the Danes.

To be fair, the Dragons have had plenty of time to prepare for the tournament, with the boys arriving in Malta a month ago and have had time to adapt, so to speak.

In turn, Astralis are gradually recovering, although in some places the team makes mistakes and resembles themselves of the last period. All in all, a fine encounter in which it is difficult to choose a favorite.

Perhaps, I would go for the risk, because in its potential Team Spirit is a very tough team. Yes, the Danes can always turn on the leaders, but more often than not they lack the seniors who float in important moments.

So here I'd take my chances and look out for a win for the Dragons. At the very least, the guys should cling to the map, having finally solved their psychological problems from the start of the season.

Team Spirit form

Fourteenth team of the world ranking at the end of last season took the second place in the ESL Challenger League Season 43 Europe, although objectively they had to close the Portuguese.

Already at the start of the new season, the Russian team managed to make it through to the group stage of IEM Katowice 2023. However, here Team Spirit suffered two defeats in three games, defeating only BIG.

Of the latter, the Dragons took part in the CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1, where they literally flopped. And while the victory over Sprout looked logical, the defeats to ENCE and Movistar Riders were something to behold.

Team Spirit's latest results:

  • A 2-1 win over BIG.
  • A 1-2 loss to Team Liquid.
  • 16-5 victory over Sprout.
  • 1-2 defeat of ENCE.
  • 1-2 defeat to Movistar Riders.

Top cards for Team Spirit:

  • Overpass - 100% wins.
  • Anubis - 80% wins.

It should not be forgotten that the Dragons have consistently given up the Inferno card.

The form of Astralis

The fifteenth team in the world rankings played ambiguously in the January BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023. However, the boys achieved their task, managing to secure two wins in the Play-In stage.

The Danish side went on to win the CCT North Europe Series 3 with a solid play-off performance that included victories over 9INE, Copenhagen Flames and Aurora Gaming.

After that, Astralis took part in a closed qualification for the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR, where they even managed to lose to LDLC. Still, not without the help of the easiest grid, the team made it to the home RMR tournament.

Astralis' latest results:

  • A 2-1 win over Aurora Gaming.
  • Defeat to LDLC by a score of 14-16.
  • 16-2 win over PGE Turow.
  • 16-6 win over Viperio.
  • 2-1 win over SAW.

Astralis top cards:

  • Ancient - 100% wins.
  • Nuke - 80% wins.
  • Vertigo - 57% wins.
  • Overpass - 50% wins.
  • Inferno - 50% wins.

In turn, the Danish team does not take the risk of showing up on the Anubis map.

Team Spirit - Astralis encounter statistics

Last season, the teams met once - Team Spirit won the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage (2-0).

Team Spirit vs Astralis

A controversial encounter, as the numbers hardly reflect the current realities. Yes, the Danish team stands out as the favourite. However, objectively, Astralis still have problems that the team cannot solve for not months, but years.

In turn, in terms of perspective, Team Spirit are the most powerful team on the scene. And if the Dragons can get their balls together, they could clinch the game. That's exactly what I'm counting on, as the guys are skating great on Nuke and Vertigo, forgetting about the stats.

So in this case I'd recommend taking a risk and bet on Team Spirit to win.

Team Spirit are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 1.819. Astralis, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 2.448.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesTeam Spirit Astralis
5 matches (wins)24
10 matches (wins)47

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The teams played 8 matches with each other before. In these matches Team Spirit won 2 times, Astralis active consisits of 6 wins.