List of talents for ECS Season 3 Finals announced

FaceIt revealed the list of talents to cover the third season of Esports Championship Series.

LAN-final will take place on June 23 – 25 in London. SSE Arena will host the event. The prize pool for the final stage is $660,000. The winner of the event will get the main prize of $250,000. In LAN-final, the teams from Europe and North America will take place. The representatives of YouTube will assist Facelt in tournament organization.

Such famous casters as Machine, Thorin, YNk are in the list of invited talents.

Rachel «Seltzer» Quirico is the stage host of event, and Alex «Machine» Richardson is the desk host.

Full list of talents for ECS Season 3:

Rachel «Seltzer» Quirico - Stage Host
Alex «Machine» Richardson - Desk Host

Pala «Mantrousse» Gilroy Sen - Interviewer

Duncan «Thorin» Shields - Analyst
Janko «YNk» Paunović - Analyst
Tomi «lurppis» Kovanen - Analyst
Sam «DaZeD» Marine - Analyst

Anders Blume - Commentator
Henry «HenryG» Greer - Commentator
James «JZFB» Bardolph - Commentator
Daniel «ddk» Kapadia - Commentator

Jamie «keita» Hall - Observer
Connor «Sliggy» Blomfield - Observer