List of ECS Season 4 participants determined

The teams that will participate in Esports Championship Series Season 4 Finals are determined.

In the European division of ECS #4, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, mousesports and Astralis became the best 4 teams in the region. Fnatic took the first place in the league with 14-4 stats. FaZe Clan and mousesports took the second and third place with 13-5 stats, and Astralis became the 4th in the region having 14 won maps and 7 lost ones.

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In the American division, Cloud9 demonstrated the best results taking the first place with 15-3 result. OpTic Gaming won 12 maps losing only 6 maps, and took the second place. Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid took 3-4 place with 11-7 stats.

The final stage of the event is scheduled for December 15 – 17 in Cancun, Mexico. The tournament will be played in the classic scheme: group stage with GSL system, and 4 best teams will get to the play-off stage with Single Elimination bracket. All the matches are likely to be played in Bo3.

The main prize pool for the tournament is $750,000. There is no information about the prize pool distribution.