HellRaisers and NRG eSports got to DreamHack Denver 2017

HellRaisers and NRG eSports became the first teams to get to DreamHack Denver 2017 after winning the final matches of qualifiers.

16 teams participated in each qualifier. HellRaisers defeated such teams as Team LDLC, eXtatus, Mortal Kombat and Team Dignitas.

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The grand final of European qualifiers became one of the most memorable ones in European qualification stage to DreamHack Denver 2017 due to the performance of Kirill «ANGE1» Karasev with his pistol. That helped the team to become confident enough and get all the way till the end by winning the opponents with 16-11 score.

As for NRG eSports, they won such teams as Tempo Storm.SE, Denial eSports, Renegades and Tempo Storm.

NRG eSports and HellRaisers are the first teams that confirmed participation in DreamHack Denver 2017. 6 more teams that will get direct invites will join them.

DreamHack Denver 2017 will take place in Denver, on October 20-22. The venue of the event is National Western Complex, and its prize pool is $100,000.