SK Gaming — champions of DreamHack Summer 2017 (Report complete)

DreamHack Summer 2017 starts today. In this event, 8 teams will compete for the title of champion and main money prize of $50,000. The general prize pool for event is $100,000.

The organizers decided to hold a group stage in GSL system. When all group matches are played, two best teams to join play-off will be determined.

After the teams join the final stage, the play-off will start where the Bo3 matches will be played in Single Elimination bracket.

The teams were divided into two groups four participants in each:

Group A

SK Gaming
Team Singularity
Group B

Gambit eSports
Counter Logic Gaming

Tournament table

Place Prize Team
1st $50,000 SK Gaming
2nd $20,000 Fnatic
3rd $10,000 Immortals
4th $10,000 Counter Logic Gaming
5th $3,000 mousesports
6th $3,000 Gambit eSports
7th $2,000 Team Singularity
8th $2,000 Cloud9

Match schedule (UTC +0)

Time Information Results Score
  June 17, Group Stage    
11:00 SK Gaming vs Team Singularity 1:0 16:9
12:30 Gambit eSports vs Counter Logic Gaming 0:1 16:19
14:00 mousesports vs Immortals 0:1 6:16
15:30 Fnatic vs Cloud9 1:0 16:12
17:00 SK Gaming vs Immortals 0:1 10:16
18:30 Counter Logic Gaming vs Fnatic 1:0 31:28
  June 18, Group Stage    
09:00 Team Singularity vs mousesports 0:2 14:16

12:00 Gambit eSports vs Cloud9 2:0 16:12
15:00 SK Gaming vs mousesports 2:0 16:14
18:00 Fnatic vs Gambit eSports 2:0 16:12
  June 19, Playoffs    
10:00 Immortals vs Fnatic 1:2 16:13
13:00 Counter Logic Gaming vs SK Gaming 1:2 16:9
17:00 Fnatic vs SK Gaming (Grand Final) 1:2 8:16

Team rosters

Cloud9: n0thing, shroud, Skadoodle, Stewie2k, autimatic, valens (coach)
Fnatic: olofmeister, dennis, KRiMZ, Flusha, JW, Jumpy (coach)
Gambit eSports: Dosia, AdreN, mou, Zeus, HObbit, kane (coach)
Immortals: HEN1, LUCAS1, boltz, steel, kNg, zakk (coach)
mousesports: chrisJ, denis, oskar, loWel, ropz, lmbt (coach)
SK Gaming: FalleN, fer, coldzera, TACO, felps, dead (coach)
Team Singularity: Inzta, Ryxxo, Lukki, Console, refrezh
Counter Logic Gaming: reltuC, coosta, nahtE, FNS, rickeh, ImAPet (coach)

Broadcast talent

Alex «Machine» Richardson — Host

Pala «Mantrousse» Gilroy Sen — Interviewer

Halvor «vENdetta» Gulestol — Analyst
Jacob «Pimp» Winneche — Analyst

Dustin «dusT» Mouret — Commentator
Vince «Metuz» Hill — Commentator
Lauren «Pansy» Scott — Commentator
Niels «rizc» Topp — Commentator

Live broadcast