DreamHack Summer 2017 Preview

DreamHack Summer 2017, a summer tournament from DreamHack, is going to start on June 17. It’s time to preview the championship with $100,000 prize pool.

[General Information]

The first information to be mentioned is that DreamHack Summer 2017 will take place on June 17 – 19 in Jönköping, Sweden. Prize pool of the event is $100,000, and the main prize is $50,000, and 8 teams from Europe and North America will compete for this prize.

[Information about Participants]

Six teams out of eight participants received direct invites from the organizers of the tournament. These teams are: Cloud9, Fnatic, Gambit eSports, Immortals, mousesports and SK Gaming. Two remaining teams passed the qualifiers. Team Singularity managed to succeed during the European qualifier and moved to DreamHack Summer 2017 LAN-final after defeating Team123 with 2-1 score in the final match. Counter Logic Gaming demonstrated perfect results in their region and defeated Renegades with 2-1 score which gave them a possibility to join DreamHack Summer 2017 LAN-final.

[Detailed analysis of each participant]

8 place — Counter Logic Gaming

The American team cannot boast any high results this year. CLG did not win any championship title, and their winrate for the past 20 matches is 50%. It’s likely that Counter Logic Gaming will be the first to leave the tournament. I think they will take 7-8 place.

7 place — mousesports

The European mix takes the seventh place in my rating because the same reason as CLG take the eighth. This year, mousesports did not show any good results, professional growth, or other signs of team development. The only achievement of the team is 3-4 place on DreamHack Open Tours 2017. Winrate of the past 20 matches is 35%. I think that mousesports are weaker than most other participants and they probably will be one of the first teams to leave the tournament without going through to the DreamHack Summer 2017 play-off.

6 place — Team Singularity

I put the Danish Team Singularity to the sixth place. This team managed to pass to the LAN-finals via European qualifiers. For the past few months, Singularity won such tournaments as Copenhagen Games 2017 and Hellcase Cup #4, and took the second place on CEVO Main Season 12 Europe. However, they won only 8 games out of 20 last matches. Winrate of the last 20 games is 40%. Comparing to Counter Logic Gaming, the Danish team looks more confident, but their level of the game is lower than most DreamHack Summer 2017 participants have. Despite that fact, Singularity still have a chance to move to the play-off. In Group A, together with Singularity, such teams as SK Gaming, mousesports and Immortals will compete for the moving to play-off. If Danish players pay enough efforts, they will manage to beat Immortals and mousesports, but I think their chances to win in this tournament are minimal.

5 place — Immortals

The Brazilian team is in the better condition than Singularity, mousesports and Counter Logic Gaming. The team managed to take the second place on DreamHack Tours 2017 and Americas Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow, and become the champions of Esports Arena Showdown Championship. The winrate of Brazilian team for the last 20 maps is 65%. Immortals are more likely to pass to the play-off. The team is in a good condition, however, I put them in the fifth place because they are currently playing with kNg who joined the team only two weeks ago and now is on the test period. Also, don’t forget, that stronger teams such as Cloud9, Gambit eSports and the favorites SK Gaming participate in this event.

4 place — Fnatic

I put previously legendary Swedish team Fnatic to the fourth place. After rejoining under the tag of Swedish organization, the players did not manage to surprise the spectators with good results, however, their attempts prove that the players do not want to give up and will try to reach success again and again until they make that. For a rather extended period of existence, an old/new roster did not manage to get at least some trophy. The winrate for the last 20 games is 55%. This time, Swedish team will play on DreamHack Summer 2017 and they have all chances to win. There are few Tier-1 teams on the tournament, so the competitive rate is lower than on PGL Major Krakow 2017. Therefore, Fnatic have good chances to move to play-off, but they need to pay huge efforts to move to the final.

3 place — Cloud9

The American roster is now on the 12 place of the best CS:GO teams according to HLTV.org. For the past 6 months, they won such tournaments as iBUYPOWER Invitational Spring 2017, Subaru Invitational 2017 ECS Season 3 North America and Americas Minor Championships 2017 — Krakow. Cloud9 won 11 matches out of 20 last games. Their winrate is 55%, and this is not a very impressive result. In ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals, Cloud9 did not manage to pass to play-off, but they should do that in DreamHack Summer 2017 as the competitive level is much lower here. Also consider the fact that after their failure on EPL #5, Cloud9 took the first place on ECS Season 5 North America и Americas Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow.

2 place — Gambit eSports

I put CIS team Gambit eSports which currently takes 6 place in the list of the best CS:GO teams according to HLTV.org to the second place. For the past few months, Gambit managed to win DreamHack Austin 2017, took the second place on cs_summit 2017. They won 13 matches out of 20 last games, The winrate of Gambit eSports is 65%. I think that Gambit have rather high chances to move to play-off, but also to the final stage of the event.

1 place — SK Gaming

The main candidate for winning DreamHack Summer 2017 is the Brazilian team, which is currently in the first place of HLTV.org. Starting from the April and up today, SK Gaming won several big events, including cs_summit 2017, Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017, ESL Pro League Season 5 North America. Also, they took second places on Subaru Invitational 2017 and ECS Season 3 North America. The Brazilian team is more likely to show a perfect game and win Summer championship. I think that the minimum result for them is to pass to the play-off and proceed with the final stage of the event. They won 13 matches out of 20 latest games with 65%, which is rather good result.

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There are several questions, the answers to which we will get after the end of the tournament:

  1. How kNg will influence the development of Immortals? How far the Brazilian team will go in the summer tournament from DreamHack?
  2. Can SK Gaming prove their status of the best team in the world on the upcoming event? Can FalleN and his team become the champions of DreamHack Summer 2017?
  3. What to expect from Fnatic? How far can a Swedish roster pass? Will the bad streak end on this event?

Tomorrow at 11:00 UTC +0 the first match between SK Gaming and Team Singularity will be played. One more reminder: DreamHack Summer 2017 will take place on June 17 – 19.