Cloud9 and North invited to DreamHack Montreal 2017

Two direct invites to the championship of DreamHack Montreal 2017, that is going to start at the beginning of September, have been already given out. Cloud9 and North got invites, so they don’t need to pass through the qualifiers.

Also read: Cloud9 made two replacements in the main roster.

List of participants for championship:

EU Qualifier
NA Qualifier


Qualifiers to DreamHack Montreal 2017 will start on August 26 – 27 in online format. 8 teams from Europe and North America will compete for two slots of the final stage of the events.

The LAN-finals are scheduled on September 8 – 10 hosted by Place Bonaventure, Canada. 8 teams, 6 of which will get direct invites, will compete for the title of champion and the prize pool of $100,000.