Asia Minor Championship 2017 — Krakow new details announced

The organizers of the upcoming Asia Minor revealed schedule and seeding details.

The championship will take place in Beijing, China from June 1 till June 4. The prize pool for the event is $50,000. The host is Dongyi Tianchong studio.

8 teams seeded into 2 groups with 4 participants in each will play in Asia Minor. The group stage will be played in GSL system. After the end of the group stage, the best teams will move to play-off series with Double Elimination bracket.

The groups are as following:

Group A

Signature Trust
Group B

Team Immunity
Team 7642

According to the schedule, the group stage will take place on June 1 – 2. The first matches of the group stage will be played in best-of-one (bo1) format. The elimination matches will be played in best-of-three (bo3) format on June 3-4.

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Tournament schedule:

Thursday, June 1st

05:00 Flash vs Signature (bo1)
06:30 Renegades vs Spotnet (bo1)
08:00 Winners' match (bo1)
09:30 Elimination match (bo3)
13:00 Decider match (bo3)

Friday, June 2nd

05:00 TyLoo vs Team 7642 (bo1)
06:30 Immunity vs TheMongolz (bo1)
08:00 Winners' match (bo1)
09:30 Elimination match (bo3)
13:00 Decider match (bo3)

Saturday, June 3rd

05:00 Semi-final #1 (bo3)
07:30 Semi-final #2 (bo3)
12:00 Upper-bracket final (bo3)

Sunday, June 4th

05:00 Elimination match (bo3)
08:30 Decider match (bo3)
13:00 Grand final (bo3)