New Dota 2 tournament announced

The championship with $150,000 prize pool got Galaxy Battles name.

National Electronic Sports Organization is the organizer of the event. NESO told that Galaxy Battle will take place in China from June 14 till June 18.

8 teams will participate in the event. Four of them will receive direct invites. The other participants will be determined during the qualifiers.

Currently, there is no information about the distribution of the prize pool.

National Electronic Sports Organization was created by the Sport Ministry of China in 2014. In 2008, the esports was recognized as the official sports in China, its popularity has never stopped to rise. Due to that, NESA managed to organize several big championships. Galaxy Battles is the fourth tournament of the organization.

Galaxy Battles will take place in Shenzhen, hosted by Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium with 22,000 places capacity.

Open qualifiers will take place in May 22 – 26. All teams that want to participate in the event can apply for registration at the official website of the tournament

The qualifiers will take place in 5 regions: China, North America, Europe, SEA, and India.

All the participants will be distributed to Single Elimination brackets. In the result of the matches, the best teams will move to the regional qualifiers.

When the open qualifiers are ended, the closed qualifiers with 4 groups start. In each group, there will be 7 invited teams and the winner of the open qualifiers. Only SEA and India group are the exception: they have 6 invited teams and 2 winners of the SEA and India region.

Regional qualifiers will take place on May 25-26. The participants of the groups will play against their opponents in round robin system with best-of-two (bo2) matches.

The best participants of 4 groups will move to the next stage, the LAN-final.

The group stage of the tournament will be played in the same format as the regional qualifiers. All teams will be seeded randomly in 2 groups with 4 participants in each and will play with the opponents in round robin format with best-of-two matches. The group stage will be played in June 14-15.

The final stage of the event is going to take place in June 16-18. The organizers will decide how to seed the participants basing on the results of the group stage. All matches, except for the Grand Final will be played in best-of-three (bo3 format). The Grand Final will be played in best-of-five (bo5) format.

Taking into consideration the fact that the open qualifiers to The International 7 will start in a few days after the Galaxy Battles Grand Final, the organizers decided to make the competition even more tough adding another prize – the tickets to Seattle.

The championship will be broadcasted in English on the official Galaxy Battles TwitchTV channel.