DreamHack Masters Spring 2021: Gambit Esports became the first finalist in Group A

Gambit Esports continue their winning gambit. This time, G2 Esports could not resist their onslaught. NiKo and his teammates lost 16-8 on Mirage, but drew the game on Train. There, the victory was given to them by hard work and the team lost in 13 rounds, but still prevailed. Dust 2 was the decisive place where the teams played, but G2 were unable to take more than four rounds.

G2 Esports went down to the lower bracket, where they will play with the winner of the mousesports vs FaZe Clan duel.

Right now, Team Fiend is playing with Team Spirit. Based on the results of this meeting, the first participant of the championship will be known who completed his path in the event. The meeting participants took one card each.

Six teams will advance to the playoffs. Only three teams from each group will be able to get into the final part. The teams that showed the best result in their eight will start their way right away from the semi-finals, while the rosters that took 2-3 places in the groups will go to the quarterfinals.


DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 started today and will end on May 5. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 250,000. 16 participants are competing for the main cash prize of $ 100,000. The vice-champion will receive, in turn, $ 42,000. At the event, the organizers will also give away 4,200 ESL Pro Tour rating points, 1,000 of which will go to the winner's assets.