What can we expect from the closed qualifiers at Flashpoint Season 3?

The upcoming qualifiers for Flashpoint Season 3 promise to be especially interesting. At least several strong teams will take part in them, and it will be interesting to watch their performances. Among these we can mention, first of all, Complexity Gaming, which have repeatedly proved that they should be reckoned with and that they can show a good game in the European region. In the last tournament in which they played, namely Funspark ULTI 2020 Europe Final, there was a noticeable drawdown and the result, as a result, did not leave itself long in coming. The team lost in the battle against forZe and BIG and finished in 5-6 place. In ESL Pro League Season 13, the team also took 5-6 place in the standings, but before that the team managed to defeat Virtus.pro, NAVI, Renegades, FPX Esports and OG. Complexity is one of those teams that we will be especially pleased to watch. In the first battle, they will fight the GameAgents and will most likely advance further.

We consider ENCE vs Anonymo Esports to be an interesting fight. Snax, once shining in Virtus.pro's star roster of 2014-2018, after leaving the aforementioned esports club cannot achieve great success, and the Finnish team ENCE will be opposed to it, which significantly weakened at the beginning of 2021 with the departure of three players in different directions... In one corner of the ring will be allu with his relatively new teammates, and in the other - ex-star player VP. Do you think it will be interesting? We think so.

What can we expect from the closed qualifiers for Flashpoint Season 3?. Photo 1

We do not disregard such well-known teams as Dignitas and mousesports. The latter cannot in any way come to the game form in which they were in 2019 and 2020, when they held the entire scene in the country. After the change in the roster, which took place in mid-February, mousesports were unable to show a big increase in their results. Maybe this closed qualifier will be the beginning of something new for ropz and his teammates?

What can we expect from the closed qualifiers for Flashpoint Season 3?. Photo 2

The European mice will take on Dignitas, for whom perhaps the best player in terms of experience/age/performance - Patrick himself, 'f0rest' Lindbergh, is playing. Despite the fact that the Swede crossed the 30-year mark 2 years ago, the esportsman still "fries", although not as much as in his younger years, but still not bad. Do not agree? But what about the fact that recently, within the BLAST Premier 2021 Spring Showdown, the Swede and his teammates beat Team Liquid without a chance? And the 2nd place at Funspark ULTI 2020 Europe Season 1? Still skeptical about his performance? Okay, we understand, because Dignitas are currently in 25th place in the list of the best CS: GO rosters according to HLTV. We, in turn, are confident that although the team may be defeated in the first battle of the upper bracket, they will still be able to show their class performance in the lower bracket and break into the top 20 best CS: GO rosters in the world.

What can we expect from the closed qualifiers for Flashpoint Season 3?. Photo 3

Finally, we would like to note the Finnish team HAVU Gaming, for which Aerial and xseveN play, who, in the so-called golden ENCE roster, showed excellent results in 2019. It was this roster that defeated Dignitas in the decisive match at Funspark ULTI 2020 Europe Season 1, and at Funspark ULTI 2020 Europe Finals, the team took fourth place, overtaking the same Dignitas, Complexity Gaming, Virtus.pro and Evil Geniuses. HAVU will have to play at least a couple of interesting matches in this closed qualifier for the European RMR tournament.


In general, the qualification should turn out to be very interesting. By the way, it will take place from April 27 to April 30, and within the framework of the event five invites to Flashpoint Season 3 will be played out. The rating tournament, in turn, starts on May 10 and ends on the 30th. There is no information about his prize fund yet.