System Fighters - Astralis Confirmed The Seventh Player On The Roster To Play At IEM Katowice 2021

On HLTV it was reported that Astralis is not too scared by the innovations from Valve, which penalize championship participants for using substitute players. The management of the Danish club took on the roster of the seventh player, who will be on the roster until the end of the competition.

The newcomer to the band is 19-year-old Mads 'vester' Vestergaard from Astralis Talent. He, like Bubzkji, will be on the reserve until Astralis wants to resort to the player's help. This decision was made in connection with the desire to develop young e-sportsmen. The $ 1,000,000 event should be a good test for vester, according to Kasper Hvidt's new talent development strategy. Bubzkji usually plays Nuke instead of Xyp9x, but where and instead of whom vester will fight in case of replacement is still unknown. Presumably he will reprise the role of Bubzkji and practice on the big stage.

On December 16, it became known that Astralis are opening a CS: GO youth school and the roster will play under the Astralis Talent tag. The peculiarity of such a school is to fully support talented players, providing them with the club's training base and the opportunity to attend regional events and not only. In all Danish tournaments, the team will represent Astralis colors, which should give them more motivation to develop.

Astralis are taking part in Intel Extreme Masters 2021. The total prize fund of the event is $ 1,000,000, and the Danes are one of eight teams that received an invite to the group stage. The team got into Group A and will fight mousesports in the first confrontation.

Astralis roster at IEM Katowice 2021: