The review of ESL One Cologne 2020 Online

Everything was pretty predictable in Asia and Oceania and there were no big surprises. TYLOO became the winner of the Chinese division, having defeated Beyond Esports and Vici Gaming in the upper bracket and beaten Vici again but in the grand final. Renegades, in turn, met all the fans’ expectations and defeated everyone on their way in the competition for the countries of Oceania. Renegades beat Chiefs Esports Club and ORDER in the upper bracket, after which prevailed over Avant Gaming in the grand final. In such a way, Renegades defeated all participants of the competition, which can be evaluated as a remarkable fact. The winners in Asia and Oceania earned $10,000 and 250 rating points.

There were no special surprises in America, like in the above-mentioned divisions, and Evil Geniuses, which places 3rd in the world rate have become the champions of the event. FURIA Esports, which holds the 6th place on the same list, and Liquid, which places 8th on the list of the best teams, were the closest to the team. As a result, EG and Liquid held the first 2 places in Group B and advanced to the playoffs where also faced in the grand final. Stanislaw with his teammates beat Twistzz and his teammates in a tough battle and the match was over with a score of 3-2 in the favor of EG. The last ones have become the winners of ESL One Cologne 2020 Online North America and earned the reward of $65,000 and 650 Pro Tour rating points for their efforts. Liquid, in turn, have made $30,000 and 425 PTS for the 2nd place. Chaos Esports Club and FURIA Esports, having placed 3rd-4th in the standings, earned $12,500 and 225 Pro Tour rating points per team.

The European region, as expected, has become the most interesting and most unexpected one. While many listed Natus Vincere, G2 Esports, Vitality, and the other teams as the favorites, Heroic reminded that they were one of the strongest teams in Denmark after all if not the strongest one nowadays, in fact. It is worth noticing the fact that Heroic gave no chance to Vitality in the final. They defeated them so hard that the French were not able to win a map against the Danes, on the outcome of which the last ones became the deserved champions of the tournament. By the way, they received the money reward of $150,000 and 800 rating points as a bonus for their efforts.

NAVI, which is loved by many people, was not able to pass a long way, having stopped in the group stage. Their maximum was the victory over mousesports, which was in a bad gaming shape, changes on the roster of the Europeans after the end of the tournament is a proof of this. Natus Vincere was not able to defeat Complexity Gaming in the second round of the upper bracket, they did not win a map against them. The team performed in the lower bracket against NiP in the same way. The Swedes beat NAVI and proceeded to the semi-final, Natus Vincere placed 9th-12th in the standings. S1mple and his teammates earned $4,500 and 100 Pro Tour points for the job done.

Considering the recent changes on the roster, Astralis performed pretty well, especially compared to the other teams, which were not able even to advance to the playoffs. The Danes made it to the final stage where lost to NiP in the battle for the semi-final without winning a map against the Swedes.

G2 Esports, the team that has recently headed the world rate, played well. The team proceeded to the playoffs through the upper bracket, after which achieved victory over OG, having made big efforts. It is worth noticing that this match has become one of the most spectacular and interesting in the past championship. In the semi-final, G2 was not able to cope with the power of Heroic, which, as a result, having gained big confidence, defeated Vitality.

Vitality started well with a victory over Team Heretics, having beaten the last ones with a result of 2-0. After that, the French were not able to win the battle with Astralis, having lost with a score of 0-2, but they managed to rehabilitate in the lower bracket of Group B. The team achieved victory in the match with FaZe Clan with a result of 0-2. In the final stage, Vitality confidently beat both Sprout in the quarterfinal and NiP in the semi-final, however, it was not enough to cope with Heroic. As we already know, the Danish opponents have “devastated” the French on all maps and become the champions of the event.

The results of the European division of ESL One Cologne 2020 Online