ESL One Cologne 2020 Online Asia: TYLOO become first grand finalist

The battle was not the easiest. At Inferno, the match ended with a 16-14 result in favor of TYLOO, and the second map was brought to overtime, where Vici Gaming prevailed 19-16. At Mirage, TYLOO gathered with their own forces and rebuffed their fellow countrymen, losing only 6 rounds to Vici Gaming.

In Asia, the next match will take place tomorrow. In the first round of the Lower Bracket, Beyond Esports will fight Invictus Gaming for reaching the final of the Lower Bracket. In the countries of Oceania, a match was also supposed to take place today, but after Renegades beat ORDER on the first map in the final of the upper bracket, the match was postponed due to the fact that several players had their lights turned off.

Meetings are already taking place within the European division.


ESL One Cologne 2020 Online in Europe and North America runs from August 18th to 30th. 16 European teams share a total prize pool of $ 325,000, while 8 representatives from the Americas participate in the $ 135,000 split. In Oceania and Asia, the meetings will be held from 25 to 30 August, and the total prize fund there will be $ 20,000 each.