ESL One Cologne 2020 Online: NAVI finished their journey

According to the results of the first elimination match of the last playing day in ESL One Cologne 2020 Online Europe, Natus Vincere finished their way in the championship and took 9-12 place in it. The team will receive $ 4,500 for the work done. NiP, in turn, secured a minimum of top-8 in the standings and advanced to the playoffs, and their minimum cash prize is $ 11,500.

Let's remind that confrontation began yesterday in the countries of Oceania and the Asian division. There, in the first matches, Renegades and TYLOO were the winners. The Australians beat ORDER 2-0, losing 4 rounds on the first map, and 1 on the second. The Chinese beat Beyond Esports in a more difficult battle with the same result.


ESL One Cologne 2020 Online in Europe and North America runs from August 18th to 30th. 16 European teams share a total prize pool of $ 325,000, and 8 representatives from the Americas participate in the $ 135,000 split. In Oceania and Asia, the meetings will be held from 25 to 30 August, and the total prize fund there will be $ 20,000 each.