Eden Arena Malta Vibes Week 3: event digest

Following the results of yesterday's matches, HellRaisers became leaders in Group B. Previously, FATE Esports came to the same result in Group A. Now we know the first four, which will reach the playoffs. In the final stage, we will be able to look at FATE, Singularity, HellRaisers and CR4ZY.

Yesterday's game results

Group C matches will be played today with teams like AVEZ, Gambit Esports, Illuminar Gaming and Lyngby Vikings.


The Eden Esports Malta Vibes Week 3 Tournament began on July 14th and 19th. The total prize pool will be $ 40,000, and the four best participants will be engaged in its distribution today. 3-4 places will receive $ 2,500 each, the vice-champion will earn $ 10,000, and the tournament triumph will become the owner of the main prize of $ 25,000.