cs_summit 6: Team Vitality and OG will enter the fray very soon!

According to the results of yesterday's matches, Vitality, OG, Fnatic and BIG managed to get into the semi-finals of the upper bracket. Vitality and OG will soon meet in the debut match of today's gaming day.

In the bottom bracket in the match for 7th place, North and NiP will fight, and in the second round of the bottom bracket, Heroic and GODSENT came out. They will play in the knockout match with the losing participants of the Vitality vs OG and Fnatic vs BIG meetings, respectively.

In North America, yesterday, by the way, Liquid beat the 100T and reached the semi-finals of the upper grid. Tonight will be the next confrontation of the American region with Evil Geniuses and Gen.G Esports.


cs_summit 6 began on June 22 in North America and the 24th in Europe. The event’s total prize pool is $ 200,000 and rating points. For the European division, $ 125,000 was allocated, while the Americans got $ 75,000. The winner of the North American division will receive a prize of $ 22,000 and 2,000 rating points. In Europe, the triumphant will also receive 2,000 rating units, but the cash reward will be $ 34,000.