NAVI received vnvitation to ESL One Cologne 2020

ESL One Cologne 2020 is the first tournament that could possibly be held in LAN format after a long online break due to COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the situation may change, but so far the organizers plan to hold the playoffs.

The division of the total prize pool of $ 1,000,000 will be engaged in 16 teams, half of which are already known. The remaining places will be distributed among the best teams from closed qualifications. The latter will be held, by the way, on August 21-22.

As for the format of ESL One Cologne 2020, it will be classic and familiar for everyone. The championship starts from the group stage, where teams are most likely to be seeded in four groups of four participants and play there in double-elimination nets. The final stage, where eight teams will go, will take place in the single-elimination grid. All meetings, with the exception of the grand finals, will be held in Bo3 format. The decisive battle will take place in a series of up to three victories.

ESL One Cologne 2020 members


Qualification Participants