sycrone sheds light on MOUZ's decision to part ways with NBK-

sycrone, who is the coach of the MOUZCS:GO team, spoke about the decision to part ways with NBK- and take JDC from the youth team of the organization. According to the coach, it was he who insisted on changes in the starting lineup, as he considered the young German player the best candidate for the team.

It was more of a decision in favor of John than against Nathan. NBK- never did anything wrong. He really tried to help the team as much as possible, spent a lot of time on it and was never arrogant. He managed to instill a certain structure of the game in the composition and help with a lot of intangible things. I just thought JDC could do it better.

I insisted on this difficult decision. It was difficult to explain everything to NBK- as he did nothing to put himself in a similar situation. Again, this was a decision in favor of John, not against Nathan.

When you have a major on your nose, you look at the list of available players and ask yourself: "Is it possible to do something that will improve our game even a little bit?" I had a feeling that it could be done. This is why the replacement took place so early in relation to the time that the previous version of the roster spent together.

Recall that MOUZ made changes in the starting lineup of the CS:GO team before the start of PGL Major Antwerp 2022: European RMR A. The European team decided to refuse the services of NBK-, who spent only a few months in MOUZ. He was replaced by JDC, who spent nine months with MOUZ NXT.

The current MOUZ CS:GO roster is as follows: