ENCE is the first finalist of ESL Pro League Season 15

The ENCE team defeated NIP with a score of 2:0 and reached the grand final of ESL Pro League Season 15. Here, sAw's wards will play with the winner of the FURIA pair - FaZe Clan.

The semi-final duel between ENCE and NIP started on the Nuke map, which was chosen by the wards of sAw. At the same time, ENCE players very soon seized the initiative on the server, actually smearing the opponent's defense. However, the Swedes failed to adapt to the opponent's attack, finishing the half with only three rounds. After switching sides, ENCE allowed itself to relax, which still did not prevent the team from closing the map in their favor and taking the lead in the series — 16:10.

Next, the teams moved to the Ancient map, which became the NIP's choice. Here ENCE players again managed to seize the initiative to finish the first half with a score of 9:6. After the side switch, the Swedish team tried to get back into the game, managing to level the score. However, at the decisive moment, ENCE players turned on to the fullest in order to deal with the opponent at his peak and secure a place in the grand final of ESL Pro League Season 15 — 16:14.

Intermediate results of ESL Pro League Season 15


ESL Pro League Season 15 runs from March 9 to April 10 in Dusseldorf. 24 teams are fighting for a prize pool of $823,000, as well as a ticket to the BLAST World Final 2022, which will go to the winner.